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Activation of MyHeritage DNA Kit

  • Customers have to be a registered MyHeritage member for activation.
  • Activation of a MyHeritage DNA kit can be done in just a few minutes.
  • Please make a note that is only available in English.

For the activation of the kit, the customers need to log in their MyHeritage account with an email address and password. Keep in mind that the email address should be the one which is used at the time of the registration with MyHeritage. Those people who are not registered yet, they have to do so before doing the setup process.

People who are not MyHeritageDNA members, they will have to provide their first and last name, date of birth, gender, a valid an email address and create a password to get registered.

Please remember that customer needs to use a valid email address which can be accessible by the customer because it will be used for the confirmation purpose (also note that if any customer forgets his password, he needs to start the recovery process.

Some important notes on

  • Activation will get completed within 4 to 6 minutes for the maximum users (it may also a little longer for those who need to register with MyHeritage) and the account creation is free.
  • Customers must be agree for DNA testing,
  • DNA testing includes sending a saliva or blood sample through the mail via a small vial,
  • After sending the sample, please wait maximum 4 weeks to get a response,
  • Please note that Membership cost will vary and it will be based on what type of information the customer is seeking for and the level of the service.

What MyHeritage actually is?

MyHeritage is an online service that allows members to create family sites and profiles in order to build and print their family trees, share family photos, keep in touch with family members, perform DNA testing, receive genetic analysis, participate in scientific research and research their family history with advanced research tools” – MyHeritage – Terms and Conditions

Regarding any queries about can be directed to toll-free 1-800-MYHERITAGE (1-800-987-9000) from Monday to Sunday for 24 hours in a day.