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Ticket for Drive Safely in Nassau:

  • If any driver breaks the rules of driving then the driver has to pay a ticket online and they can view an image of their violation.
  • The site provides a helpful FAQ in order to popular issue that is related with safe drive in Nassau site.
  • You can send us your feedback either it’s a complaint or praise about the service or site, at 516-571-6000 at Nassau site.

The aim of the camera used in the red light safety program is to keep the streets safer for drivers, pedestrians and people on bicycles. An ATS employee double checks a ticket before it is issued to ensure that the tickets undergo all legal authority.

How to pay this payment online?

Also Read: The service titled Pay Or View Traffic Violation offers drivers to pay their drivesafelyinnassau lost letter tickets online using credit cards.

You can pay this ticket or payment online by using the below cards:

Master card


Discover credit cards

Capital one credit cards

Please note down that cash payment is not acceptable here.

Customers can pay this online payment via using the debit or credit cards that is associated with any of the companies shown above. During an online payment at this site, customers will get citation/notice number as well as PIN number in the top corner of the ticket. It should be noted that if you did not make this payment within the due date, you’ll be assessed by late fees.

Other drive safely in Nassau site notes:

Late fees only be disregarded if the notice is not reached to the person or it is shown as undeliverable by the post office.

Payment should be made within 10 days to be received by mail.

If you are using a credit card you are allowed to make the payment by 24 hours and 72 hours for debit card user.

American traffic solution reviews all the tickets before it is passed to the local police where the violation has occurred. In the most state, a violation doesn’t cause points against a driving record.


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