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All Settlement

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Windsor is a Windows and Door manufacturer based in the United States. If you have just heard about the Windsor Class Settlement Action, then here is all the information you need. Before you go ahead with the claim form you need to know what the action lawsuit is. A settlement has been reached with the company and Woodgrain Millwork about some Pinnacle and Legend Series. You are eligible to file if you have purchased windows between January 1, 2000, and January 5, 2018.

The settlement means to cover all kinds of wood rot as well as damage caused to the frames due to water and pests. The manufacturing companies deny that the damaged windows were defective in any manner. The law has not come to any result. However, the parties have decided to agree to the settlement.

Windsor Windows Class Action

  • Obtain the details associated with the class action lawsuit in the Windsor Wood Clad Window Product Liability Litigation.
  • Epiq Systems is the administrator of the program.
  • If you are wishing to speak in regards to the terms of the Windsor Windows settlement then you can speak in the statement fairness hearing being conducted on 7/6/18. Additional Information

  • If you have purchased windows within the Pinnacle and Legend product lines then you are eligible to be a class member.
  • The lawsuit has not come to an end. It is pending in the U.S District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin.
  • The Case number provided to the Window Settlements is case number 2:16-MD-02688-LA.
  • The last date for filling the claim forms is 1/5/19.
  • A Class Member can sue the company for making cash payments up to $2500.

WHITFIELD BRYSON & MASON LLP law firm has designated Daniel K. Bryson and Matthew E. Lee for the class members. On the other hand, the Windsor Window Company and Woodgrain Millwork Inc. have appointed Michael P. North, Sarah E. Bushnell, Jeffrey M. Markowitz and Colin S. Seaborg as their lawyers.

If you have further questions you may feel free to get in touch with the help desk by calling at 1-888-530-6598 or through email [email protected] In order to file a claim via mail you need to send the request to the following address:

Windsor Windows Settlement, c/o Epiq Systems, P.O. Box 3770, Portland, OR 97208-3770

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